Brad Shaffer, CEO–Chief Engagement Officer

Thanks for visiting us here at Parallax Ventures. My career has been focused on strategic talent management and leader development for over thirty years. From the earliest days two glaring issues have been clear to me. First, finding, evaluating and selecting the right talent for the right role is something most organizations don’t do as well as they could or should. Secondly, even when an organization does a good job with talent selection, they often overlook the impact the company’s culture has on the performance of those that work there.

In response, we have created a resource that organizations and leaders can engage to assist them in maximizing and optimizing their human capital. Organizations don’t exist without people. Organizations don’t exist without leaders. To achieve and maintain competitive advantage in today’s business environment, leaders and their organizations must put a premium on talent management and cultural enrichment. Every leader in every organization must become competent, engaged and committed to attracting, retaining, developing and maximizing the company’s human capital.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you and how we might assist you in areas of strategic talent management, cultural transformation and leader development