“Strong vibrant cultures that are vision-guided and values-driven create high levels of performance because they attract and keep talented people and they inspire employees to go the extra mile.”

Richard Barrett


Culture is typically described as “the way we do things around here.” It can also be described as “the way we would like to do things around here. Often there is a significant gap between what organizations espouse about their culture and what really exists.

There are currently numerous examples and supportive research worldwide and across industries that show the direct correlation between cultural alignment and individual and organizational performance–including financial results and shareholder value.

We offer our clients the ability to more clearly and deeply understand their organization’s culture and how it influences attitudes, behavior, performance and results. Please take a moment to watch this inspiring and thought-provoking video about high-performing cultures and the competitive advantages associated with such.


A leader’s ability to anticipate and respond to an ever-changing landscape is paramount for success in today’s business environment. To merely rely on one’s skills, knowledge and past experience is not sufficient for navigating the opportunities and challenges presented. To adroitly adapt and effectively respond, one must increase individual and organizational versatility, adaptability and capability. We assist or client s in increasing and enhancing competence and commitment in these areas:

  • Cultural Diagnosis and Transformation We provide our clients with the ability to diagnose, transform and  optimize their cultures into high-performing organizations that maximize the contributions of  talent and human capital.  In doing so, we also help our clients  identify areas of organizational “entropy” (dysfunction) which is impeding performance, increasing disengagement within the workforce and, directly and indirectly, wasting financial and human resources
  • Leadership Values Assessments Our leadership assessments can be used to assess an individual leader, a team of leaders, groups of leaders and/or leaders throughout the organization.