“Talent acquisition is not about “finding” as much as it is about “fit”. Viewed strategically, and not  merely as a transaction, the hiring of talent  is a precious opportunity for a company to add significant value and differentiating competitive advantage.”

Brad Shaffer



For the past thirty years we have been assisting our clients in attracting, evaluating and selecting top talent. In doing so we have discovered that the most effective and successful leaders and companies view recruiting and talent selection as one of their primary responsibilities.  They do it with intention, purpose and to a set of standards that ensure optimum results.

We provide our clients with a holistic approach to the talent acquisition and selection process. Crucial components of the process include:

  •  Role descriptions for all executive search assignments we conduct. Unlike traditional job descriptions that focus on duties, responsibilities, work experience and education requirements, our role description are action-oriented and focus on desired outcomes, expectations, required competencies and success factors
  • A strategic recruiting and sourcing plan that delineates specific targets, actions, and processes to be taken during the search process
  • Personal interviews and evaluations of all candidates presented to the client
  • Assistance with the internal selection process, as requested by the client
  • On-going follow-up with the client and selected candidate to ensure effective assimilation and contribution


The acquisition of talent is the beginning, not the end. Regardless of how experienced and accomplished any individual may be at the time they are hired, they and the organization will benefit from continued investment in personal and professional development.

We offer our clients professional development services including:

  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Behavioral, values, leadership and career assessments including written reports, interpretation of results and on-going guidance and support
  • Executive Retreat design and facilitation
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Competency Profile Development
  • Transition and Change management design and facilitation

Our services are highly customized to the specific needs of each client and are based on diagnosis prior to recommending resources and solutions. Alvin Toffler says it best: “One size misfits all.”